28 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT RIHANNA: How To Be Confident About Setting Boundaries | Shallon Lester

  • lol Rihanna and boundaries are oxymorons. She took back Chris Brown after that public fiasco of her getting beaten up. Did she learn from it? sure, but she is def not an example for setting boundaries. Shallon is so biased

  • You know, i'm learning english, and is like
    killing two birds with one shot, cuse
    i get acquainted with english, and alsoooo gain some self esteem

  • Please continue to make videos about our queen of warm-blooded animals— Rihanna.

  • Does anyone know what video(s) she's referencing at 3:30? It's when she says something to the effect of, "I've talked a lot about my issues with aging in the past." I'd love to hear more of her thoughts on fears of aging/getting older because I feel very similar to what she described.

  • Hello Beach do you know who I am? Oh, you don't know, right. Okay, I will tell you who I am. I am in love with that group that you spoke badly and crossed all boundaries with it, bug. Who are you to talk to them and say that you do not know whether they are girls or  Men? I don't need to show you that they are men because this is a shame. Oh, you criticize them for wearing makeup? Damn you because you are so stupid. I heard that you work in an international magazine and a journalist and you work with world famous people. Of course, you did not see, even once, one person or one man does not wear makeup, I'm sure. As for Jimin and Jungkook, did you know that Jimin's finger is better than you sure and it is better for you to close all your instagram, twiter and youtoub accounts now before we lock them up for you. BTS has passed through more dirty people than you. Damn you, despicable, I don't want to remind you of my dirty and dirty past

  • I used to be a grey matter, n attracted wrong people who created chaos, but no more now. I know myself, I know what I want 💪

  • But what if sb doesn't have real friends because everyone is fake,should he spend time with people that take advantage of him or be alone?

  • I just noticed I have more boundaries than I thought. Yet I still feel like I'm too nice to people.

  • My mom and I were wondering if you guys could take just a second to check out our videos! We post videos together and we would love to teach others about makeup and skincare! Please please just take a peek!!🥺Thank you so much and God Bless

    Also yes I agree with her tho(about the fact life is short) I can't believe I'm 22 already and it's already April ( I only turned 22 in November last year) feels like everything is going at x4 speed these days. So many smartee younger people everywhere these days

  • One of the things which going through a long and traumatic relationship with a narcissist gave me is a principle: 'Never forgive someone who doesn't care enough to apologize'.

    Another one is not to give when you receive nothing back, relationship-wise.

    I guess now is the time to make some more rules!
    Mine are not to lie and cheat, as Shallon's, but the third one's not to envy and damn this will be tough

  • I love it when she does that rhetorical questions 😀 always try to fill in that gap 😀 feels like in school

  • Hey Shallon, can you do Dr Phil and how he preys on people's miseries to make money from TV instead of keeping it away from camera, genuinely helping them.

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