THE TRUTH ABOUT MILEY CYRUS & LIAM'S SPLIT: Should You Give Your Ex Another Chance? | Shallon Lester

THE TRUTH ABOUT MILEY CYRUS & LIAM’S SPLIT: Should You Give Your Ex Another Chance? | Shallon Lester
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After being on/off for years, #MileyCyrus and #LiamHemsworth have called it quits AGAIN, and are getting divorced–and she’s hooking up with #BrodyJenner’s ex wife #KaitlynnCarter! So what went wrong with our favorite couple? I’ll spill the tea on what happened in their marriage and how to know if your on-off relationship will work out!

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44 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT MILEY CYRUS & LIAM'S SPLIT: Should You Give Your Ex Another Chance? | Shallon Lester

  • My mom always told me whoever the person is before you marry them.. is who they will always be. It's up to you if you're willing to put up with the things that bother you about them.

    I told all the married people I know this.. and they had eureka moments cuz everything is still the same minus the romantic courting.

  • when you give birth and you're not married, the father has absolutely no rights to that baby, cant even sign consent papers for procedures for the baby, and in order to be given any custody or guardianship you have to fill out a long form with the Department of Health and arrange to go somewhere to get a DNA test, at least where I'm from in the midwest. So, most get married bc its easier legally to involve the father in the baby's life. Not saying its cool, just that its another way the govt wants to get involved in and make money off of marraige.

  • Loooove your hair 💜 you look beautiful with any of the styles you choose but this one totally sends me a good vibe, if that makes any sense 😊

  • 3:50 “Who gets that wagon wheel coffee table?” Girl, 💓 the When Harry Met Sally reference 👏🏻👏🏻

  • This whole conversation is great and all but I feel like this is a way to blame the woman. Why do people put the majority of the blame on the woman when it takes two to tango? Makes me wonder. I also want to add that men are capable of insight. If Liam was truly worried about Miley's behavior he shouldn't have gotten back with her.

  • She did date a model while they had split and she had gone whack. Quarantine marathon.😅
    Edit: a girl model, i.e..

  • I married my childhood sweetheart and we had to go through the growing pains. Since we’re gay, we we’re not legally married for 13 years where all the fuckery went on anyways, this made sense when you said there should be a trial. Then we got married on our 13th yr together and now still married. But oh my lorttt was it work, and still is. The growing is still growing and yes there are still pains w it. Yazzz to this Vid!

  • Dayum, my relationship is like this. We say we will change, but we revert to our old ways. Our last breakup made me grow up, but it looks like he hasn't.

  • If you can’t trust someone with access to your money, then you should not even be in a relationship with them, let alone married to them, legally or otherwise. That’s a huge red flag.

  • I think that marriage protects both parties in many cases. My parents have been married for thirty-one years. They have two kids, myself and my brother. My father worked and made enough to comfortably support the whole family, so my mom decided she wanted to stay home with my brother and I when we were little, and go back to work after we both finished preschool. Around that time, she got cancer and hasn’t been able to work since. Without my dad, she would have nothing. He has multiple pensions plus social security. My mom would be living on less than 1k a month if she and my dad had split up and hadn’t been legally married. If a woman wants to be a stay at home mom, she needs to be married so that the court can force the husband to pay her spousal support and child support (along with sharing his pensions, social security, 40@k’s, and any other type of retirements account he might have) if they split up and the guy turns into a piece of shit. Because men do that. Lots of men, once you split up or leave them, they turn into monsters who don’t care if you live on the street. A legal marriage protects you as much as you can be protected. In fact, women should get much more spousal support and child support, then they already do.

  • I like your Australian accent. Two old hollywood couples come to mind when thinking about on-off romances. Richard Burton & Liz Taylor and Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner. Richard & Liz got back together for a third time but Richard knew it wouldn't work and left Liz with a letter. He died relatively soon afterwards. Ava & Frank almost got together again but she realized it wouldn't work. Probably the person who was unhappiest or whose needs weren't being met is the one who leaves.

  • I always thought Liam was WAY BETTER than Miley. He’s chill and out of the limelight while she is so fake and always trying to get attention. Also i dont like that she’s an appropriator. Like text book example of using black people/culture as a prop and throwing away when you cant abuse it anymore. She skeeves me out

  • The people who think marriage will solve everything are the same people having a baby thinking it will make their relationship perfect/non-toxic (read: the loving family were everyone is happy and loves each other) and all they get is a crybaby and a thousand more things to stress about

  • I used to be a quite impulsive person when I was younger and a bit of a drama queen. The marriage act helped me be more grounded and not give up on a very good relationship on an impulse. I am currently happily married (16 years and going) and for me it was important to have the official ceremony.

  • Girl, your way of looking at relationship literally saves me from emotional breakdown. Cause now I’m going through an intense and tough and super toxic “season” of my love life, thank you!!!

  • Oohh the way you said that , " the psyche , must be heard… shell do it the easy way , or the hard way." Just GOT ME! You're so right.

  • I would loveee for you to make a video on parent child dynamics and how not to fall into this in a relationship!

  • I read somewhere that she said she was gender fluid. From what I can gather queer encompasses a lot of different aspects of sexuality. I don't know.

  • Astrology speaking, Miley has her sun in the seventh house. Very hard placement. I have this. It makes you popular but in relationships you can lose yourself, like your identity seems to get lost in personal relationships and then you push back to try and express your own identity. It’s what goes one with Miley and Liam. Basically, she’s going to have to do the work, realize this and try to remember herself while she’s with someone. Not saying Liam is perfect because I don’t know anything about him, but I never trust those quiet ones, lol.

  • You and your bestie show up to that reunion fucking fabulously uninvited or not girl!!
    Rub it in their faces, we’re allowed to have a little petty in our lives🙊

  • Miley said, I think it was in 2013 or 2014, during her Bangerz period, that she was pansexual. Meaning that she does'n fall in love with genders, but personalities, or something like that. And that she way, way before this had told her mom that she also liked girls. So she has known about her attraction for both men and women for a long time. On the other hand, she said in her latest interview with ELLE that; yes, she is in a heterosexual relationship (with Liam), but is still very sexually attracted to women. So yes, sexuality could've been one of the reasons to why her and Liam broke up this last time. However, now she is dating Cody Simpson. So it also makes no sense.

    I also read somewhere that Liam got tired of Miley being so attention seeking. You see this very well during red carpet events. She often looks straight into the camera, makes a funny face, kind of licking his face (or any other body part). And in the background you can see he backs a bit off – making some space. Like he's saying "I'm so freaking tired of this, can you please stop?".

    Another issue is children. Liam has always wanted a family life with children, Miley on the other hand does not. I don't remember in what interview, but she said she didn't want children. Like never, due to how cruel and polluted this wold is. Because as we know, she is very concerned with issues like animal welfer, gender equality, global warming, etc. She doesn't want to bring children into this world in the state that it is.

    It is probably many other issues that led up to their brake up, but this is the ones I picked up on.

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