21 thoughts on “The King Eternal Monarch EP 12

  • I want to watch this series in any how❤ and thank you so much for uploading it.💞 No matter what it is in fast zone !✔

  • BUT. HOW DID HE EVEN KNOW THAT SHE HAD BEEN KIDNAPPED?!?!? Or that she was brought in this world?
    He literally went to kill that bookshop owner and he just ASSUMED that since this is not the same person then Jeong Te Eul must ….be in the kingdom too? Like how? HOW? What have missed? Am I dumb?

  • Any body can answer my questions ? 😩. Why lee gon sad and cry when lee gon and Tae ul take a picture together ???

  • The old lady ask about the war in june 1950, I think at the end jong tae eul travel time to the past so she can save lee gon and she drop her id card and the story begins like the first episode

  • My theory about the lines when the thunder strikes: it happens to those who have crossed over to the other dimensions- Corea to Korea/Korea- Corea.
    The Prime minister had crossed over…that should be the King's way of knowing that.

  • Ep.12 just reveal us that Lee Gon, can time travel as well. Even Tae-eul, notice it when she saw the suit being made and not yet completely finished at Lee Gon's palace. That was also the suit Lee Gon is wearing when she gave Tae-eul the flowers in ep.10. And this episode shocked me more, when Tae-eul, and the old head court lady are having a conversation. They are talking about something that the series is not been shown before or talked about. And it's in the past, a war that broke in June of 1950. Well can't wait for the last 4 episode. I hope Kim Eun Sook, give us a lot of answers in the last remaining episodes of this series…

  • Oh my something happen na between the king and the future queen 💕💕… excited to watch na talaga … and i think may switching na naganap sa story na ito parang si Lee Gon galing talaga sya ng republic of korea … hehehe tingin ko lang 😊😊

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