Sound POLITE, PROFESSIONAL & HELPFUL at Work | Business English Conversation

Business English expressions: Sound more polite, professional and helpful at work!
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49 thoughts on “Sound POLITE, PROFESSIONAL & HELPFUL at Work | Business English Conversation

  • It's really very informative for us … Thanks mam…
    I consider You are the best English Tutor.😍

  • Think: consider, believe, deliberate / Make: prepare, produce, create, develop / Change: modify, adjust, adapt, transition / Guess: estimate, calculate, speculate, predict / Problems: challenge, complication, obstacle, headaches, hiccoughs / Work together: collaborate, join forces.

  • I consider improving my English language speaking skills, so I am watching your videos Emma and they are quite helpful,and I believe you’re the best teacher in the world 💕

  • I through you are doing a great job, madam. We collaborate jointly to improve English.
    Thank you so much

  • Mmmmmm que bonitas clases !

    Mmmm que linda manera de enseñar!!!!

    Mmmm eres una gran maestra !!

  • Speculate, Predict, Estimate, Deliberate, challenge, Obstacles, collaborate, work together or joined forces, consider, modifications,produce or prepare, tweaks and adjustments , adjust the content before we send it to client, adapt, transition

  • In my company we develop solutions to training in new technologies.
    I collaborate with my customers in their projects.
    Our solution produce a detailed report about students results.

  • Hi Emma,
    thanks for your amazing business lessons. It would be great to have them more in your video library. Here are my sentences:
    Both our teams joined forces to consider all challenges and complications that may appear while existing database will be transitioned to the new software.

  • hello , thank you emma for your lessons . Could you explain about passive voices in all tenses ?

  • Even the 'hey there' is a teaching point, something for us to learn in English practice.

  • I consider this channel to be one of the best learning channel in YouTube. I believe that the learnings from here will help me collaborate with my peers more professionally.

  • Here's super scope in English language for native teachers. You can be best director for your own high school.

  • Last week I was collaborating with my boss. We had to pass over obstacles, that was hard but I consider that we did a great job. I prepared a report and I had to develop marketing strategies.

  • My major drawback is that I am unable to execute a weekly developed strategy on the daily basis. Every Sunday,I try to develop a plan to use time efficiently. By my calculations, I believe my attempts go in vain.

  • Hi, Emma! The lesson's great! Here is my paragraph: I believe that the client’s point of view is desperate with us. We are modifying the approach to overcome the obstacle of project completion. I estimate our project will end next week when the client collaborates with us.

  • I was considering developing a plan of studying for the whole week just to adapt myself to this pandemic situation that no one can estimate when will it ends.
    does that right?

  • Instead of using think of/ about –> consider, deliberate, believe;
    make –> prepare, produce, create, develop a plan/solution/strategy;
    change –> modify, adjust, adapt, transition;
    guess —> estimate, calculate, speculate on/about, predict;
    problems —-> challenge, obstacle, hiccoughs;
    work together —> collaborate, join forces

  • Oh my gosh, I really need this lesson. Thank you, Emma. I will use the alternative words more often.

  • It's been difficult to adjust to the new restriction due to COVID 19. I need to create an activity that keeps me excited in life and I do believe this situation will get better when people following the government restriction. Thanks, Emma for your lesson, you help me a lot.

  • 1) When corrupt politicians joined force to idiot office the situation was down to hell.
    2) You should estimate your progress in your respective field of work.
    3) Owning to deliberate commitment our company has been onto the sky.
    4) One must modify with respect to time.
    5) Wise men always have a perfect answer to any kind of complication .

  • I must say Emma , you are grated with divine voice. Keep going on , could you please make a lesson about 'English words for students seminar' ?

  • Hello, Emma I've been noticing that your videos are very important go ahead telling us on how to improve our English skills.

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