Shallon Lester Exposed – Why I watched her videos and why you should stop

Exposing Shallon Lester my perspective as to why I watched her videos and why you should stop. We need to talk about Shallon Lester’s problematic, racist, insensitive videos. I will no longer support Shallon Lester. I am ashamed I ever mentioned her in my video. This is me explaining why I no longer want to be a part of the Shallentourage and why neither should you.

I regret ever supporting her and want to make it clear that we should not be watching her videos. The current discussion in the youtube community to call out Shallon Lester for her shaming of mental health issues, predatory behavior towards young men as alleged by her in her videos and deleted tweets, and past racist videos is 100% valid.

I wanted to add my perspective as a former viewer in case any current viewer is doubting whether they should continue to watch her videos or not. The Shallentourage needs to end. For me it was specifically Shallon Lester’s racist commentary that makes it unacceptable to support her. But the her constant insensitive shaming and diagnosing of celebrities, as well as her predatory behavior is just as bad. The community is right to call her out due to her big following, and the nature of her persuasive and entertaining videos.

On top of every everything else, Shallon Lester is still unwilling to apologize -let alone even acknowledge the criticism in her videos. As someone who claims to be unapologetic about everything else in her life, this is completely unacceptable and out of character with how she portrays herself. I’m offended by her half assed apology on reddit in which she attempts to gaslight her audience and pretends that people are blowing things out of proportion in addition to doxxing her. All of which are false.

The following videos and tweets summarize her toxic behavior. Please watch them and decide for yourself.

D’Angelo Wallace


Ana Psychology

Ready to Glare

Smokey Glow

Luke Alexander

And many more.

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