17 thoughts on “Lee Minho & Kim Goeun :August update ssssssh🙊!!!!

  • how are they right now.. i hope both of them are okay.. i feel it that they are in a relationship right now, they just want a privacy.. so we should respect it.. any update, plsssss..

  • Hi MinGo Shippers😍
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    Thank you❤

  • Bellos mi actor favorito me encanta todas la serie qué ases saludo desde Paraguay los quiero muchísimo 🤩🤩❤🇵🇾

  • Yessss I love real updates about these two lovely couple, Minho and Kim Goeun coz I love them!

  • I love them both very much! When so many problems arise everyday because of this pandemic affecting our businss, i will just watch them in youtube and then i will be okay. Thank you minho and goeun for being in love. Saranghe! ❤

  • love and miss this couple… i hope they are happy ever after… a lot of love for them 😘😘😘

  • They are in love, no doubt about it its just that they want it to be private between them and their very close friends….

  • Thanks for sharing a glimpses of the couple make hearts pounds 🤭🤭🤭😊😊😊😍😍😍

  • Good day everyone…hoping for the confirmation of king Min Ho and queen Go Eun about their relationship….am a fanatic of yours …..I Love You Both…..❤❤❤✌👍👌

  • For me as long as they are happy, , and they want to keep in private i respect and be happy for them, they deserve all the happiness in the world could givd, thanks for your video😘😘

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