Hướng dẫn nhận 10$ token KAVA từ CoinMarketCap đã list Binance (kèo ngon 100% ăn)

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2.Đăng kí sàn Binance (ko cần KYC) :
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*** Đáp án quiz (thứ tự câu hỏi có thể thay đổi nhưng đáp án chắc chắn ok na) :
1.What is KAVA?
Answer : A decentralized bank run by hundreds of organizations around the world
2.What makes KAVA dufferent from other DEFI protocols?
Answer : Kava is interoperable, designed for all digital asset types including BTC, BNB , and XRP
3.What can KAVA token holders do to help secure the network and earn more KAVA?
Answer : Stake their KAVA tokens
4.As the KAVA platform grows in usage, what happens to the KAVA token?
Answer : More KAVA tokens are burned making KAVA become more scarce
5.How does someone receive KAVA tokens?
Answer : By staking or becoming a borrower on the platform
6.What is the KAVA token ?
Answer : A native token of the KAVA blockchain representing ownership and..
7.What services are available on KAVA ?
Answer : Loans, stablecoins and reward on digital asset

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