HARRY STYLES & ADELE DATING?: How to Get Out of the Friendzone! | Shallon Lester

HARRY STYLES & ADELE DATING?: How to Get Out of the Friendzone! | Shallon Lester @Adele @Harry Styles
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For months rumors have been swirling about #harrystyles and #adele dating but are they or aren’t they? I’ll give you the REAL inside scoop on their vacation with James Corden and how YOU can get out of the friendzone! #shallonlester

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30 thoughts on “HARRY STYLES & ADELE DATING?: How to Get Out of the Friendzone! | Shallon Lester

  • I also thought that he looks exactly like Mick Jagger! 😹 not exactly good looking but maybe to some he has that sex appeal (doesn’t work for me). If he’s a unicorn Adele would be pegasus.

  • Ugh. This guy literally can't have lady friends and can't be out in public with ladies because he's "dating" them. This is getting old. Like literally every girls he's seen with, apparently he's "dating" 🤦🤦

  • Yes so if he doesnt chase u he is not interested.. but how can u make him interested when ur just friends?there is a way to.

  • Do you think maybe James C was playing match maker invited the two without the other knowing maybe she and he brought someone but no picture of them?

  • I friendzoned a guy at first that I had NO idea liked me or was attracted to me at all. I just never saw him that way. He pulled away and didn't make a big deal of it, and then that caught my attention and made me interested in him. Then I realized it wasn't "him" that I had a crush on and i still was not sexually attracted to him, it was just the fact that he liked me

  • Wait but girls can have guy friends that aren’t just sexual interests for each other? Like just friends actually and not being interested.

  • When I met my current boyfriend we were just coworkers and he got fired since we were downsizing staff. I kept working there. I had a crush on him but didn’t know how to flirt with him BECAUSE i liked him but could flirt with everyone else. He has social anxiety. He came BACK TO THE RESTAURANT a few weeks later on a day he and I would usually work the same shift, to see his friends but mainly to come get my number. We texted and flirted and then I tried to friend zone him after we made out because despite me really liking him and being super attracted to him and wanting to be with him, he said he wasn’t really sure he was looking for a serious relationship at some point earlier and so I had to shut it down via text. He asked if he could DRIVE TO MY HOUSE (we love asking for consent) so we could talk in person and I went out to his car in my pjs and no makeup and we sat in his car and he said “I know I said I didn’t want to be in a serious relationship but I want to try to do that with you. I really like you.” and I told him okay but that I didn’t want to kiss him because I promised my friend (with benefits but my bf didn’t know that) on the phone I that I wouldn’t kiss him tonight (because that friend was trying to string me along so he could keep having sex with me) . And he said okay but we sat in the car and talked and ultimately decided we would start seeing each other. we hadn’t made it official but we were like making it exclusive that we were gonna hang out and like go on dates with only each other and see how it went! So at some point he looks at me as we’re listening to this song and the lyrics are so sad but I didn’t hear the sad part and only heard the part where it says “you’re my favorite”, so he looks at me and he says to me “you need to get out of my car because every fiber of my being is telling me to kiss you and if you don’t get out i’m gonna kiss you” and i was like “okay” and i stayed in the car and and he kissed me. Now we’ve been together for 3 years and I’m literally so happy and have never been more in love with a person. And yeah we were friends first because we worked together but there was always interest there for each other from both parts. GUYS WILL FIGHT FOR WHAT THEY WANT!!! (I’m just happy mine also asked for consent so he could also respect what I wanted 👀)

  • I like Harry Styles and wasn't surprised he'd be successful sens the boy band phenomenon. He's gorgeous, has great hair, is tall and has a great sense of humor and, of late, is extremely entertaining without humming a single note..I could watch a Harry Styles sitcom easily without getting bored…I believe he has that kind of extended loveable quality. But, the dresses and feminine garb literally make me nauseous…. sorry, but anytime I see a guy dressed in feminine clothes without benefit of sex reassignment it's stomach churning to me. There's a guy on a reality based show about gays who has a beard, long hair and wears a princess crown on his head and speaks with that "gay lyspe" many if them purposely (not naturally) affectuate and it's revolting to me. Harry, for all intents and purposes, comes off as all "guy" who perhaps is trying too hard to be "all inclusive" from a fan base business standpoint, so, in that vein, I get it. But if he's bi-sexual, than in this day and age why not just say it? Aside from that, he's supposedly bedded many females… both famous, infamous and not famous which indicates he's very straight or ..trying to prove he's straight and satisfied or… he's closeted and just goes through the motions of being straight because it's expected and/or assumed…or, he's capable of keeping his eyes closed and visualizing it's a guy he's fucking especially if he prefers anal as opposed to traditional "straight" intercourse…a red flag without a doubt. Anyway, I'm holding out Harry's wearing dresses isn't a behind the camera peek into a hidden well known "Jenner" habit wherein it would be as much of a crime to cut off that which can contribute to the procreation of gorgeous men and woman soley to become something nature never intended initially… least I sound closed minded, but whatever gender you're born into was definitely not a mistake…except, gender and emotions and mindset are not related in anyway. So, Harry, hopefully will finally clarify all this as we have hoped the same for Shawn Mendes …by the way, Shawn has more "bi tendencies" in himself than straight tendencies, as much as he's exclaimed "I'm straight!"…the jury is out on that one still. This Camilla connection is definitely a manipulative move on her non-celeb career riding into fame on the back of Shawn's hard earned celeb status which since hooking up with this little POS has taken a hit and he's very aware in that he immediately took down that video we still can't unsee and they no longer appear together at award shows upon arriving…nor are they show on camera seated alongside each other by TV cameras either because the producers know how turned off the public was by their behavior or they requested not to be shown together. Eventually, she's gonna resent him… especially when she's trying to break out on her own and does concerts where the audience yells out "where's Shawn!", although I do believe that's already happened, so whooo!…if that isn't a kick in that constantly twerking ass of hers, I don't know what would be. So, her handlers now are trying the commercials and fashion shows and "movie" route for Camilla who is without a doubt the twin manipulative of Meghan Markel in the life of a young kid who had a crush she decided to play off after she got dumped by a guy who refused to commit to her "body and soul"…she had been playing computer footsy with Shawn all along through that I'll fated former relationship because Shawn's boyhood crush fed her over blown ego in a way her then boyfriend didn't, couldn't or wanted to…so it was super easy for her to reel Shawn in like an experienced fisherman just waiting to hook what has explored into a major catch and after he and the now "Mrs. Bieber" split up…and Camilla's boyfriend dumped her ass..the timing of which is highly suspect. Shawn and Prince Harry (not "Styles") have more in common than not.. and will have even more in common when the "reality check lightbulb" switch turns on…mark my words 'cause it's gonna happen or I'm not really who I was intended to be.

  • I would say this video is applicable to females interested in guys over a certain age… I know a lot of Shallon’s audience is a teenage demographic, and teenage boys do not pursue females the way a grown man does. 18-year-old guys simply do not pursue women the same way a 30-year-old man does, a lot depends on age and guys under a certain age are really all over the place in their behavior, so it might feel like you’re in a friend zone when really… he’s just a teenage guy. He might be attracted to you he just doesn’t know how to initiate things or take things to the next level. With guys under 20 I’d say it has more to do with patience and perseverance LOL.

  • HARRY DOES NOT LIKE "OLDER WOMEN" THAT IS THE MOST BULLSHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD. cannot believe the utter ignorance and naivety of society believing anything they hear on the internet. so what if he has a major sex appeal, that doesn't mean that's who he is. he's a very attractive man of course he's going to come off with a sex appeal. he can have female friends and not date them. do none of you all remember how much this affects him, especially when he was in one direction. where is her proof? she's talking and talking about her sources and proof but they're only words. i give no hate to this woman and if she tells the truth, i give her props for that but if you genuinely think that harry edward styles who respects women, and is all completely for equality, has gone and slammed this woman to a wall to make out with her? i'm so so sorry i physically cannot believe it. he went on vacation with his FRIENDS adele and james, that doesn't mean they're dating. you might as well say he's dating james. "oh but he's married" doesn't matter, adele could be in a relationship with someone else and people would still speculate a relationship with harry because society is so so drawn to drama and pop culture it's insane. i cannot believe what society hears and thinks is correct. whether or not you believe harry is dating every girl he's seen with, or if you're like me and think he's been in love since he was 16, you keep your opinions to yourself. i know what i believe can affect harry obviously because there's so many of us who believe it. it's called keeping your opinions to yourself if you think they're going to affect someone. i just hope one day society can turn around and stop with the ignorance. it doesn't matter if harry doesn't personally know you, what you say can still affect him in the long run because the more people who say the same thing or believe the same thing, it gets more and more popular and spreads and it will eventually reach him or someone he knows. i honestly think i've lost all hope for majority of society :/

  • Ma'am with all due respect, karma is gonna come for you harder than you could ever imagine.✨👽

  • I learned my confessing/friend zone lesson back in 9th grade! Sooo never really had to deal with it after. Love this advice!

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