Exposing the Flaws of Singapore's TOP Hotel – Fullerton Hotel🇸🇬

In this video, I will be searching for flaws at one of Singapore’s best hotels – Fullerton Hotel. I paid 450SGD to stay at the Heritage Room. Something happened and we later got upgraded to the Suite Room. Fullerton Hotel is the historic landmark and one of the most popular 5 start hotels in Singapore. Is it worth the money? How is the facility? Let’s find out together.

00:00 | Opening
00:49 | Check In
01:35 | Room Tour – Heritage Room
03:24 | Mini Bar
05:34 | Toilet & Shower Room
07:00 | Lunch At Fullerton Bay Hotel
08:00 | Gym
08:38 | Room Tour – Suite Room
13:03 | Dinner
14:14 | Pool
16:33 | Breakfast At Town Restaurant
17:43 | Ending

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30 thoughts on “Exposing the Flaws of Singapore's TOP Hotel – Fullerton Hotel🇸🇬

  • The toilet doesnt have a fountain show and say we are honoured to accept your waste …. Mmmmm …. Complain

  • Enjoy that complaining …. Its going to hell as the world economy slowly goes the way of the Japanese bubble burst era.

  • When I visited Singapore few years back (via JB) for a day trip, I initially didn't convert my pocket money to SGD (while in JB) as I thought I could just find any money changer nearby at some shopping malls in Singapore. Turned out I was dropped near Fullerton hotel. So, realising I didn't get near any areas where money changers usually operates (I think), so I went to Fullerton hotel lobby and asked the check-in desk whether I can change currency. The kind hotel staff on duty politely said that they do offer forex service but only for hotel guests. But, surprisingly she agreed to convert my pocket money to SGD anyway although I didn't stay at the hotel. Thank you Fullerton hotel!

  • First he will start complaining of the small things.
    Then he'll queue when he sees long queues for no reason
    He's slowly becoming a true Singaporean 😂😂

  • Excuse! You should see this building ten decades ago and say how this building still stands when British colonial past is now gone??

  • Covid 19 promotions price with food vouchers, I cant complain, basic room is small due to the size of the building being a former post office.

  • 奥様の登場久しぶりですね👍可愛らしい声ですね。最近の動画といえば、義理のお母さんと義理のお姉さんばかり登場していて、奥様の肉声が無いので、よほど不仲なのかと他人事ながら心配していました。それが杞憂で安心しました。

  • I used to work in this building for 6 months when it was still the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. The General Post Office was at the other end facing the MRT station.

  • As you said, pretty impressive. Take note the building is made of solid rock. Pretty impressive.

  • sticking to your theme here .. lol..the snack bar should be FOC given the room price.. $10 for cup noodles is just wow… no fancy fruit platter upon check-in.. toto toilet wasting water in SG..

  • They probably realised who you are and that you were going to do a review. Hence they were obliged to make a room upgrade?

  • I still remember the old and nice post office. It should have been kept it as a national heritage. The Fullerton hotel looks like a mini Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong. Is it the same developer? 🤔

  • hahha only singaporean use the slang "atas" to represent upper class and luxury and exclusivity haha u officially singaporean blended haha

  • For a review on a hotel, esp when supposedly about its flaws, I think it would be important for the viewers to know what was the reason behind the upgrade in the room? Common reasons for a complimentary upgrade include compensation for a mistake/flaws

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