Call of Duty®: Mobile S11 Anniversary | New Destination

Something new is coming to Battle Royale in Season 11 of Call of Duty: Mobile! Get ready for the #CODMAnniversary season releasing on 10/14 at 5 pm (PT).

Download, get ready for the new season, play for free on iOS or Android devices –

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48 thoughts on “Call of Duty®: Mobile S11 Anniversary | New Destination

  • Can we get ghost simon riley skin by completing some events

    Whoever wants ghost skin for free like here

  • My very high graphics settings is removed,it was running smooth on very high in older versions,I have 730G,6gb ram ,why did you remove very high graphics setting😟😟

  • Dear CoDM Team

    I don't want to bring my drama or anything like that in the chat here, but it has to be done:

    I woke this morning up and played some after the update and realised something that can make a lot of ppl quit the game. You nerfed the snipers to the ground. Less movement, less ads speed and anti darkscopes (It's unaccurate and the same as a nonscope now). There are a lot of good and talented snipers I know and they're about to quit the game because of that. Last season you nerfed already sniping and it was in S10 way harded because all other guns are to overpowered. Now snipers are nearly unable to use (expect you're a camper with shrapnel tripmines, trophy system and a shield, hardscoping the whole time). Nobody will ever again snipe as we used to do.

    The only thing I want at this point is to remove the nerf, expect you want to lose all the greatness of MP. Agressive sniping is one of the most important things in MP

    You guys can block me off now, but that doesn't help the community

    I wish y'all a good day


    One of the community members

    If you see this comment, share my text in their other posts to spread that out so they'll see it. If you need the text, dm me:)

  • Long time have play this game but now the game dont work , not internet conect?! , realy admins??? realy not conect the game ! how i have write now if not conection??!! Bull shit is the game!!!

  • Essa merda de jogo sai sozinho trava não da pra mexer tem que dar um jeito e não é só o meu no

  • We only "complain," aka give rightful harsh criticism, because they are always exploiting Zombies. Thinking it's what we want, but what we really want is the actual mode back and it to be improved. Not for it to be turned into a mindless profit and spitting into actual ZM player's faces. People said to me "Shut up." "BR is just more popular." "You're just complaining." What is wrong with some of the members in this community? Need I remind you that THERE IS a ZOMBIES FANBASE?! That Zombies was and still is a pivotal role to CoD's success FOR 10 YEARS?! Let me show you something. This data was collected, including leaks before Season 11's release:

    F2P Zombies Content: Primus Dempsey, Primus Nikolai, T.E.D.D. – Where To Sir? J358 – Abomination, Alcatraz portion of BR, and Lava Axe (Amount from the ZM: 3) (Total: 6)

    P2P Zombies Content: Primus Dempsey – Wrecker, Richtofen, T.E.D.D., Scarlett, Takeo, Takeo's Katana, Wicht Warden, (Presumably) Cosmic Silverback, HG-40 – Lava, ICR – Lava, KRM262 – Lava, (Presumably) Ultimus Takeo (Amount from the ZM: 0) (Total: 12)

    Total from ZM: 3 Total outside of ZM: 15

    Only 3 pieces of ZM content was/will be F2P after ZM was taken off the game. How can people possibly be okay with them just milking dry this beloved game mode at the expense of the true Zombies experience. NEWSFLASH! Zombies was never locked behind crates! Zombies was never locked behind Lucky Draws! Zombies was never even locked behind A BATTLE PASS! ZOMBIES WAS ALWAYS FREE UPON A GAME'S PURCHASE/INSTALLATION! Yet we have people in the community thinking that it's okay for this exploitation of a game mode is okay within other game modes like BR and purchasable items like the ones mentioned prior. YET WHAT MODE IS THERE TO EXPLOIT WHEN SAID MODE ISN'T THERE! THIS PRACTICE IS CORRUPT! NOT ONLY DOES IT SPIT IN THE FACE OF ZOMBIES PLAYERS, BUT IT ALSO SPITS IN THE FACES OF THE DEVELOPERS AND STUDIOS WHO MADE IT DEAR TO OUR HEARTS AND LISTENED FOR THE CHANGES THAT NEEDED TO BE MADE! WHO TRULY CARED ABOUT THE FANS! TREYARCH! INFINITY WARD! SLEDGEHAMMER! TENCENT IS NOTHING LIKE THESE THREE! BRING BACK ZOMBIES! AND BRING BACK POWER TO THE FANS INSTEAD OF SEEING US AS SOME WALLET WITH LEGS!

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