Call of Duty: Black Ops COLD WAR Reveal! (MY REACTION)

Call of Duty: Black Ops COLD WAR Reveal! (MY REACTION)

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21 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops COLD WAR Reveal! (MY REACTION)

  • “Know your history or be doomed to repeat it” there’s literally states trying to get rid of history classes right now because apparently it’s “racist”

  • Many people are misinterpreting Yuri's warning to America and it's really scary. This interview was in 1984 during the cold war. The American government was sold to corporations by our representatives in the 90s, years after the cold war ended. The left-wing threat is no longer accurate as a result. The threat paradigm has flipped from the left-wing to the right-wing. This is evidenced by the savior-like figure of Donald Trump who promised many things to the American people.

    I want to clarify that Donald Trump is only part of a single-stage: normalization. The other stages such as "crisis" have already manifested themselves years ago under other corrupt politicians that are also authoritarian capitalist from Reagan to Obama. America is on the brink of collapse thanks to the right-wing threat and Yuri was correct and sublime to state that the people can have all the information in the world and still fail to realize the reality.

    Ideological subversion isn't unique to a specific point in the political spectrum and is one scary ass thing.

  • Yeah this trailer is real life lol… we are on the crisis phase and next is normalization. We are literally repeating history. 2020. #NUKED

  • Yuri is a real person and KGB defector who warned us. He has great lectures you can watch. And he goes into great detail how communists subvert nations.

    There a little long but very interesting because he’s genuinely warning us about the future. If you like history his lectures are amazing

  • One of the BLM founders admits to being a trained Marxist and community organizer…google it, watch it and you’ll understand this ex-KGB agent’s warning. Bernie Sanders has been working towards EVERYTHING this man is talking about since the 80’s. This is no conspiracy theory when the agent who played a part in its execution tells us about it.
    We are one America. Black, white, male, female, etc…we had better start seeing through the SJW bullshit and start acting like it.

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