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  • wow haha she posts and nearly her entire sub count watches, that’s an actual really good accomplishment, i just stumbled into this video but I kinda really like it シ

  • 4:10 “a Middle Aged woman.”

    She’s 39. 🤣 I’m not a fan but I’d give her another year or two before I put that one on her.

    Not that you’d know that from her evasiveness.

  • if a human could be haram, it would be her kind of people, who teaches people how to take advantages of people and manipulate them ! she attracts the insecure of this world and turn them into Machiavel offsprings

  • It's not assumed that Shallon Lester is 39, it's a fact. Check California birth index, which is a public record. She was born on 1/23/81. She turned 39 in January. It's odd that she lies about her age to her viewers when she ruthlessly takes other public figures to task for whatever perceived misdeeds she imagines about them without any proof. Her credibilty is sorely lacking, and well as any professional credentials to be labeling anyone with mental health diagnoses. She's doing a terrible disservice to those who do suffer from mental health issues with her armchair 'diagnosing', judgments, and putdowns. She should be held accountable.

  • I can really respect the neutrality of your argument, it's nice to see someone addressing both the good aspects and the flaws because although her flaws most certainly outweighs her people aren't wholly good or bad and I feel a lot of people forget that when someone does something dreadful online

  • I deadass was a fan to the point where I listened to the podcast and I really didn’t want to see her being g exposed but it had to be done and I had to be enlightened on how shady and immature she was

  • one thing I don't see a lot of people talk about is how she legitimately admitted to gaslighting (aka abusing) her much much MUCH younger boyfriends, as well as overall emotionally manipulating everyone around her. such a disgusting human being.

  • This is a pretty balanced view of Shallon. I use to watch her and "be a fan" as well. I think D'Angelo's video woke me out my stupor (so to speak). I unsubscribed & moved on. I'd watch her while doing chores as well. lol. But, not anymore.

  • i wasn't paying too much attention and 10/10 i thought you said child molester for the longest part of the video

  • -Extremely charismatic
    -has a lot of energy
    -is entertaining

    That's Breeny Lee for me! I think you would like her too
    also, you're fun, glad i've discovered your channel

  • I forgot your channel and spent a while typing in shit like toilet brush and hand soap I'M SUBBING oh Lord I have bpd it comes with so much but we truly don't sit and think about manipulating in a bad way. That would be psychotic or narcissistic.

  • It’s all good i was a subscriber of hers… Her video’s clickbait got me A LOT! However she occasionally made me laugh (in the beginning of the videos) but the advice parts I never watched so I could never get through full videos 🤦🏼‍♀️ in the end her content wasn’t really for me anyway – I didn’t like all the judge mental stuff she says (btw just subscribed to you love YOUR content 💕)

  • I like Shallon & agree with just about everything said here.

    Her interpretation of shadow self is really interesting and useful, but it's different from what I understand to be the classic definition. Her version is parts of yourself that feel unseen, whereas the other version is parts of yourself that you don't want to see in yourself. Saying "I have these flaws too" is good but in itself doesn't protect you from the consequences of allowing those flaws to not be addressed directly.

    There's a saying that you get the fans you deserve. I don't know how universally that applies, but I think it would be valuable to her to look at the full spectrum of responses she's getting from a distanced perspective. What's been interesting to me is to watch how much of the response has been itself deeply "toxic" and how people justify it. I don't think what other people do in response to you is "your fault" but it's an opportunity to fine tune your own responses and identify how you're being perceived. Her Machiavellian vibe could be really useful in that kind of "shadow work".

  • 10:18 Wendy Williams exposed Beyonce as a dope eons before Shallon Lester made it to the punch

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